Uganda’s National Anthem Is Deeply Embedded In The Scriptures

The composer of Uganda’s solemn National Anthem may be long dead, but the country’s ceremonial symbol of identity carries deep rooted scriptures which even the composer may not have thought of.

Uganda the “Pearl of Africa” according to Sir Winston Churchill, may arguably, with indisputable evidence not only be a cradle of world’s marvelous features like the longest river in the world (river Nile), the third largest fresh water lake (lake Victoria), the land from which world cerebrated martyrs were executed on orders of the then powerful King of Buganda in the interlucustrine region (Buganda Kingdom), but also exhibit other remarkable features that can stand out to be record breakers in Guinness book of records.

Map of Uganda, the country with phenomenal features that should not only be a destination for tourists but in no small measure a research component in diverse fields.

The country’s national Anthem stands out in this regard, where each of its stanzas has a scripture connotation attached to it.

Uganda is unquestionably a nation of God.
Did you know that, all the lines that make up the stanzas of Uganda’s National Anthem are Amazing Scriptures in the Holy Bible.


Uganda’s Anthem is a prayer!
Oh, Uganda! May God uphold thee [ Isaiah 41:10 ]
We lay our future in thy hand [ Psalms 31:14-15 ]
United, free [ 1 Corinthians 6:17 ]
For liberty [ Galatians 5:1 ]
Together we’ll stand. [ Psalms 133:1 ]

Oh Uganda! the land of freedom [ Psalms 33:12 ]
Our love and labour we give [ Hebrews 6:10 ]
And with neighbors all [ Romans 15:2 ]
At our country’s call [ Romans 12:13 ]
In peace and friendship we’ll live [ Romans 14:19 ]

Oh Uganda! the land that feeds us [ Ezekiel 34:14]
By sun and fertile soils grown [ Genesis 27:28 ]
For our own dear land [ Deuteronomy 26:1 ]
We’ll always stand [ 1 Corinthians 1:10 ]
The pearl of Africa’s crown. [ Revelation 21:21 ]

“For God and my country” is Uganda’s motto.

Let the world know that Uganda is indeed for God!

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