Dialogue Is an Integral Path for Any Meaningful Society Governance

By Timusiime Wa Tito

Uganda Today: A few weeks ago, a friend shared a video of President Uhuru with his Deputy. The two gentlemen seemed to be a jovial mood and they joked and teased each other. We applauded them. We said this is how politics should be. Similar sentiments have been made each time photos or videos of Uhuru and Odinga have made rounds on social media.

In defence of Hon. Mao and Hon. Jimmy Akena

Today, I have seen posts castigating Hon Jimmy Akena and Hon Norbert Mao being castigated for having attended the IPOD meeting with President Museveni today. FDC opted to boycott this morning, just like they did with the previous one. To many people on social media, meeting with President Museveni is seen as betrayal. Once one is seen with the president, it is assumed that he or she has been “bought”.How did we get here? How shall we have a peaceful transition without dialogue? Is it possible to disagree but still be able to talk to each other? Why wouldn’t the FDC and other political parties seize the opportunity to meet the president and appeal to his human side? I know many will say that previous engagements have yielded nothing. Maybe that is true. But then, what next?

As a Christian, the Bible teaches me that we should never be afraid to overcome by evil. We are called upon to overcome evil with good. We can and should never get tired of talking to each other.

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We need to stop taking extremism positions in politics. Let us talk. Yes, even if we disagree. Who knows what President Museveni could be thinking?

I am sometimes tempted to think that Museveni and his men know that their time is up but they are afraid of what will happen if they leave power. We need to make Museveni and his men know that they will be safe in the new Uganda. Yes, this is difficult but we need to open a new chapter in our country. One built on trust, forgiveness and honesty.

By Timusiime Wa Tito

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