Engage day care centres as opposed to maids

Hair raising bizarre incidents ranging but not limited to maids poisoning the entire family, another killing a baby and stuffing it in a fridge to another disappearing with a baby continue to capture headlines more often than not.

The most recent is a case involving Joseph Madre and Nakato a young couple who had left their son Kenneth Kizito under the care of their maid Aisha Birungi. When Aisha disappeared with Kenneth Kizito, none of the parents were at home, this and many other incidents that do not come to limelight, are a drop in the ocean as far as mistreatment of children, murder and disappearance of babies at the hands of maids is concerned.

The Bugoloobi based Sven and Naome Kaberaho’s life will never be blissful after the murder of their son, despite the fact that the murderers were caught and successfully prosecuted.

Arguments have been put forward to exhort parents to take due diligence to know the origin of their maids, treat them with utmost humane degree, pay them handsomely and ensure their job security so that they have a settled mind. Many parents have adhered to these tenets but despite all, it has not deterred life threatening incidents and harsh treatment to be meted the children.

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The most workable solution out of this quagmire is to engage professional day care centres that can take care of babies and children. These have check in and checkout registers that parents sign whenever they bring or collect their children. They are now available in all localities. Their charges are negotiable and even daily fees are acceptable. Depending on the parent’s power of financial application, some centres go to the extent of picking and returning the children.

With technological advancement, corporate working parents can even spare some time and talk to, and see what their children are doing through skype. My advice to working parents is to seriously consider engaging professional day care centres as opposed to the necessary evils of maids.

CMK day care centre can ably offer these services.
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