Division Of Theist, Atheist And Agnosticism Breeds Conflicts

By Ayella Amuru

We waste alot of time debating about meaningless concepts like theism, atheism and agnosticism. All the three are products of human thought.

Thought operates within a background of knowledge. All knowledge is limited however extensive or deep the knowledge is. Therefore, all our debating is limited and can never lead us to what is true. The universe cannot be intellectually conceived. Its beyond human intellect. We shall keep debating in circles. Why don’t we focus on what is true? Truth is not debatable.

Truth is not an intellectual concept. The truth is NOT personal, there is no such thing as my truth or your truth, there is only the truth. Truth has NO opposites, there is no opposite to truth. One example of what is really true is nature. Does nature have any opposites? Is there any opposite to water? Another thing you have to realise is that nobody can tell you what the truth is, usually people give you an extension of their opinion as the ‘truth’. Truth cannot be repeated, the repetition of truth becomes deceit. Truth cannot be propagated or used. Truth doesn’t require belief. Where there is believe, there is no truth.

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Inorder to know what truth is, you have to start from a place of NOT KNOWING and then get to a place of KNOWING. The problem is, humans start by following somebody or something and they end up in further confusion. They begin by following a tradition, all traditions are things of the past, it’s a dead thing. whether that tradition is Christian, hindu, muslim, Buddhist or whatever. It will never lead you to what is true.

If you want to discover what truth is, you have to question everything, including your own experiences, you have to follow NO ONE, you should never submit to any authority be it the authority of the church, the state or any so called “intellectual”, you should be able to shake off your conditioning which is the most difficult thing for most people. You can’t tell someone who has been conditioned as a catholic for over 40 years to suddenly drop it and look at what is true and what is not because most people find security in their conditioning, they believe by belonging to this and that group, they belong to some grand plan which is stupid. Thought has divided humanity between the theists, atheists and the agnostics. So long as there is division, conflict is inevitable.

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Thought has also divided the human being through economic, religious and political classes. If we can discover what truth is and the beauty of it, I believe love and compassion will flow effortlessly among humans because whether you like it or not, there is no true difference between the agnostic, the theist and the atheist. The difference is in their accumulated knowledge, personal experiences and conditioning that informs them to identify as one of the above. Nice Sunday.

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