PM Nabbanja Donated Karamoja Iron Sheets To Kaaliiro Catholic Church

The Bishop Discovered The Mischief After The Grand Misallocation Was Unearthed In Bugishu

Uganda Today: According to area member of Parliament honourable Gonzaga Ssewungu, the prime minister presided over a function at Vira Maria Masaka where the Bishop made an appeal for contribution to roof Kaaliiro Catholic church in Vira Maria parish.

A goat’s shade at State Minister of Finance Amos Lugoloobi’s farm that was roofed by iron sheets that were meant to be distributed to Karamoja homesteads.
During the heat of the fray when the misappropriation was unearthed, Lugoloobi removed the iron sheets from the shade.

Unknown to the Bishop and and the laity that the Prime Minister was donating iron sheets from Karamoja, they welcomed the gesture with satisfaction of a baby ensconced on the lap of its mother suckling on breast.

Fortunately when the iron sheets reached Vira Maria, they weren’t immediately used but they were kept at the Parish pending reaching the level of roofing.

It was at this stage that the cat was let of of the bag with the revelation of Karamoja Iron sheets misallocation. According to Ssewungu, the Bishop decided to keep the iron sheets at the the parish awaiting final decision.

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