Uganda’s Vice Presidents Since Independence

By Chris Mwesigye Bishaka

1) William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Nadiope III
October 1963 to April 1966


Kadhumbula Nadhiope

2) John Babiiha
April 1966 to January 1971

Advertising Toyota Vigo


John Babiiha

3) VacantJanuary
1971 January to January 1977

4) Mustafa Adrisi
January 1977 to April 1979

Musitafa Adris

Remembered for refusing to vacate office after being sacked by President Idi Amin

5) Paulo Muwanga
December 1980 to July 1985

Paulo Muwanga

Remembered for his role in the controversial 1980 election

6) Vacant
July 1985 to January 22, 1991

7) Samson Babi Mululu Kisekka
January 1991 to November 1994

Samson Kisekka

Remembered for swindling funds for Luwero orphans

8) Specioza Naigaga Wandira Kazibwe
November 1994 to May 2003

Specioza Wandira Kazibwe

Remembered for building invisible valley dams worth billions.

9) Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya
May 2003 to May 2011

Gilbert Bukenya

Remembered for introducing upland rice – a project that was frustrated by the state to ostensibly deny him relevance and popularity

10) Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi
May 2011 to June 2021

Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi

Remembered, like the apostle Jude in the New Testament, for his amazing silence

11) Jessica Rose Epel Alupo

Jessica Alupo

Toyota Vigo

Chris Kato

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