Uganda’s COVID-19 Fight, Is The Lockdown Still Feasible?

By Chris Mwesigye Bishaka

Are the latest harsh COVID government measures justified by the statistics?

♧ The current population of Uganda is 47,081,417 as of Wednesday, June 9, 2021, based on Worldometer

♧ Cummulative tested: 1,160,001 (2.46% of the population)


♧ Cummulative cases: 55,511 (4.78% of tested & 0.1% of the population)

♧ Cummulative recoveries: 47,760 (86% of cases)

♧ Cummulative deaths: 383 (0.69% of cummulative cases & 0.00081% of the population)

♧ Active cases: 7,368 (13.3% of tested & 0.015% of the population)

♧ Total vaccinated: 748,676 (1.56% of the population)

A medical worker taking a COVID-19 swab for testing from a woman.

Why should the president and his task force inconvenience us and risk destroying the economy over a disease that has killed only 0.00081% of the population in one and a half years?

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