Uganda National Bureau Of Standards Sanitiser Manufacturers

UNBS Certifies 105 Companies To Produce Sanitiser

In the wake of the 2nd Wave of COVID-19 infections, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) under its mandate of ensuring quality and safety of Sanitizers and Disinfectants on market hereby notifies the public of the 105 Companies certified to produce 132 Brands of Sanitizers and Disinfectants as of 6th July, 2021

1.Abiah Group LimitedNISSI anti-bacterial hand sanitizer,NISSI hand santinizer gel
2.Adma International LimitedCedarol Cedarol gel
3.Afrihomes LimitedSanipel Hand Sanitizer,Tuku Surface Disinfectant
4.Akhtabut Investments Uganda LimitedOctopus Hand Sanitizer
5.Akubus Company LimitedAkubus Hand Sanitizer
6.All in One Chemicals (U) LimitedAll Clear Hand sanitizer gel
7.Allied Quality & Safety Consults LtdCovi-Safe Hand Sanitizer
8.Aloesha Organic Natural Health Products LimitedYonjah Gel Hand Santizer
9.Amber Industries LtdLavarse Instant hand sanitizer
10.Ambiance Distillers LimitedAmbiance Instant Hand Sanitiser
11.Amovap Medical Stores LimitedVaclean Instant Hand Sanitizer,Vaclean Disinfectant/sanitizer
12.Anthloam LimitedAloa Hand Sanitizer
13.Armour Group LimitedArmour Sanitizer
14.Avar Lab Supplies & General Enterprises LimitedTuva Hand Sanitizer
15.Balaji Medical Care LimitedSafe Hands – Instant Hand Sanitizer spray
16.Bash Emath Business Enterprises (U) – SMC LimitedBash-Emath
17.Biomedics Products LimitedBiostain Hand Sanitizer
18.Boss Beverages International  (BBI) LimitedSaka
19.Bubbly Inner Beauty LimitedBubbly Inner Beauty
20.Carbide Company LimitedClen – Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer,Clen – Liquid Instant Hand Sanitizer
21.Carobert Investment LimitedCarobert Hand Sanitizer
22.Da – Litto EnterprisesLavish Apple Flavour – Liquid Instant Hand Sanitizer
22.Ddembelyo Distillers LimitedSummer Instant Hand Sanitizer
24.Dei Natural Products International LimitedCovaNil
25.Diversey Eastern and Central Africa LimitedSoft Care Des E Spray H5
26.Drug Nest Pharmaceuticals LimitedNest
27.Ecolab East Africa (Uganda) LimitedHandsan Liquid,  Peroxide Disinfectant/Sanitiser
28.Edutrain for all Limited (by guarantee)Greenzar Hand Sanitiser
29.Gama Distillers LtdGAMA
30.Geno-Hitech Uganda LimitedMed gel Instant Hand sanitizer,Genox Disinfectant ,Medi-Gel Disinfectant/Sanitizer
31.Girls unstoppable UgandaDR. M. CLARK`S Hand Sanitizer
32.Globo Chemical (u) LimitedHANDSAN
33.Gold link Investments LimitedGolden Power
34.Hima Cement LimitedHima Hand Sanitizer
35.Hi-Tech Gas Supplies (u) LtdCOVI+CLEAN Hand sanitizer
36.Hoima Sugar LimitedProsan Hand SanitiserProsan Disinfectant/Sanitizer
37.I Can Phili4:13 LimitedI Can Liquid  Disinfectant
38.Isla Products LtdIsla Instant Hand Sanitizer
39.Jago EnterprisesJago Instant Hand Sanitiser-Liquid,Jago Instant Hand Sanitiser-Gel
40.Jalshi Care Uganda –SMC  LtdAvion Hand Sanitizer
41.Johnes vocational training institute limitedJohnes
42.Joint Health Care Investments LimitedClinisafe
43.Joy Care Products LimitedJoy Life
44.Jukan Health Solutions LtdJuka
45.Kasese Distillers LimitedClean Body
46.Ken 360 Uganda LimitedKlean Fix – Lemon Fragrance
47.Laboratory Needs Solution LimitedMicrobe Foe Hand Sanitizer Gel
48.Labtech Medical Supplies LimitedInsta Care
49.Lavs EnterprisesLav`s
50.Leading Distillers (U) LimitedLDUL Superior
51.Leeko (Uganda) LimitedSayona
52.Legit Products LtdLegit Liquid Hand Sanitizer
53.Lumious Uganda LimitedReveal Liquid Hand Sanitizer,Reveal Hand Sanitizer GelReveal Liquid Disinfectant
64.M/S Bwendero Dairy Farm (u) LimitedEco Klin Hand Sanitizer
55.Mambo Freshy Amenities LimitedRexenol Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel
56.Mbarara University of Science and TechnologyPharmSan Hand Sanitiser Gel,PharmSan (Hand Sanitizer – Liquid)
57.MM & Trust Pharmaceuticals LimitedTrust hand sanitizer
58.Modern Distillers LimitedModern Instant Hand Sanitizer,Modern Acid Based Instant Hand Sanitizer
59.Movit Products LimitedSkin Guard Hand Sanitizer Spray with MoisturizerSkin Guard Hand Sanitizer Gel With Moisturizer 
60.Mukwano Industries Uganda LimitedMeditex Hand Sanitizer
61.Musoke CleanersBenita Hand Sanitizer Gel
62.Mwiru Holdings – SMC LtdLa Ville Hand Sanitizer
63.Neat Solutions LimitedNit Instant Hand Sanitizer
64.Nile Derivatives LimitedAbsafe +
65.Nyasha Africa LimitedDoer Hand Gel
66.Oakmont (u) Ltdi-ZER 80
67.Obwechumi International LimitedStay Safe
68.Page Logistics (U) LimitedMedisafe
69.Pelere Group LimitedPelere Hand Sanitizer
70.Pen $ Jo Investments LtdRapha
71.Pengcheng International Trading (U) LimitedAndasun Hand Sanitizer
72.Poptex Traders LimitedPoptex Instant Hand Sanitizer
73.Premier Distilleries LimitedB-safe Hand Sanitizer Gel
74.Protech Services (u)  LimitedLa` Best Instant Hand Sanitizer
75.Qays Enterprises LimitedQays Instant Hand Sanitizer
76.Quick Sana Business Solutions LtdSure Clean Hand Sanitizer
77.Ramson Beverages LtdSteriSafe
78.Ranish Logistics LimitedCJ
79.Reddy`s Pharma LimitedReddy`s b-Safe Sanitizer,Gel, Reddy`s b-safe Sanitizer
80.Rwenzori Bottling Company LimitedStay Safe Instant Hand Sanitizer
81.Samaka Consults Uganda LimitedSamaka – Peach FragranceSamaka-Lemon Fragrance
82.Samarola Business Enterprises LimitedSamarola
83.Samona Products LimitedSamona Hand SanitzerSkin Care Hand Sanitzer
84.Saraya Manufacturing (U) LimitedSaraya WHO Formula 1,ALSOFT V,Saraya Toilet Seat Sanitizer,Smart San S-4,SARACLEAN C,
85.Silver-j. b. l. limitedPinex
86.Smartcare LtdSmart – Gel Hand Sanitizer
87.Starlite Engineers LimitedStarlite Hand Sanitizer
88.Still Pure Investments LimitedMiracle Hand Sanitizer Spray
89.Sugar Corporation of Uganda LimitedSCOUL Instant Hand Sanitizer
90.Taff Steel LtdTaff
91.The King Murungi Fashions LtdKing Hand Sanitizer Lemon Flavour
92.Twera Enterprises LimitedSURE Alcohol Hand Rub/ Gel,SURE Instant Hand Sanitizers
93.Uganda Industrial Research InstituteCOV-er San alcohol based sanitizer spray, COV-er San Alcohol Based Sanitizer GelCOV-er San Disinfectant/Sanitizer
94.Urban Snail FarmLMS
95.Vance Investments LimitedVance Lavender Flavour – Instant Hand Sanitizer
96.Vitalmed Solutions LimitedVital Hand Sanitizer Mint Scented
97.Volunteer Action Network (vac-net) LimitedLucky Hand Sanitizer
98.V And S Medicines Uganda LtdHAS Instant Hand Sanitizer
99.Wandaz Products LimitedWandaz Multi-Purpose DisinfectantWandaz Instant Hand Sanitizer
100.Vrushik Investment LimitedK-Klin
101.Wide Spetrum Enterprises (U) LimitedInstaKlin Hand sanitizer
102.Wispro Uganda LimitedClere
103.Wosha ProductsWosha Instant Hand Sanitizer
104.Yahweh Products International LimitedYahweh Hand Hanitizer
105.Zanga ProductsHaven hand sanitizer

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