Mwambutsya Ndebesa Predicts SA Scenario To Come To Uganda

Ugandan Professor who is a seasoned critic of president Tibuhaburwa’s governvance policies, has prophesied that what is happening in South Africa, will inevitably come to Uganda.

The professor, while analysing results of the country’s recently released primary leaving examinations (PLE) for the year 2020, asserts that:

The recently released PLE results should not only be a big concern to the ministry of education but also ministry of defence and security. It should mainly be a concern of those responsible for the defense doctrine. Year in year out the urban perform far better than the rural. Central and western perform better than the north and the East.

A Ugandan Teacher Dwarfed by his South Sudanese Pupils Photo: Facebook Courtesy

What this means in the long run is creating a very wider gap and structural inequality between the urban and the rural and between the central/west and the north/east axis. The long term outcome is that there will be conflict and later may be war along those axis. What is happening in South Africa is a likely hood here in Uganda. The war between the privileged axis versus the underprivileged axis. The long term military geostrategists must take keen interest not only in planning for fighting wars of aggression but wars of the privileged like those who pass PLE in first grades and those who fail because of inherent structural inequalities in Uganda.

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