MP Abdu Kantuntu Asked To Answer

From Fame to shame! Katuntu’s journey to self destruction, Did he swallow something?

By Muhimbise George!

Deep in Bugweri, in the heart of one of the poorest regions in Uganda comes one Hon Abdul Katuntu.

An eloquent lawyer whose intellectual prowess endeared him to many. His regular appearance on the popular capital gang show on one of the local FM radios (Radio One) coupled with the level of intellect that he displayed, the country saw hope in him!

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From his time in PAFO, a group of MPs that opposed removal of term limits, Katuntu stood out tall as a man of his word, an epitome of integrity, a symbol of clean politics and a distinguished noble person on whom the country could bank for reason and logic!

The by-election in which he defeated the then powerful minister Kirunda Kivejinja, put him on national map when voters in Bugweri braved the state inspired violence and brutality to defend his victory.

When the pro-democracy forces ganged against government to guard Katuntu’s victory, they expected him to become the light in times of darkness like today, a story of scratch my back I scratch yours!

Member of Uganda’s Parliament for Bugweri County Abdu Kantuntu. Photo: courtesy of NTV

He rose through ranks to become a darling in Opposition and he was appointed a shadow Attorney General and Chairman COSASE among others!

Little did we know that the more we offered the ladders for Katuntu to climb, the more the risk of exposing his privacy like the monkey that is often talked about!

The fall of Katuntu began when he chaired COSASE that handled investigations of the 6bn popular presidential handshake. Whereas he played to the gallery portraying himself to be doing serious work, allegations that he pocketed billions came out, certainly there is no smoke without fire!

Tullow Oil And Uganda Revenue Authority Tax Dispute

Uganda Revenue Authority had disagreed with Tullow Oil on the tax that had been levied and Tullow appealed to the tax tribunal asking for a deduction a plea that was initially rejected.

All over sudden, most likely on orders from above, URA was forced to review the taxes a move that was illegal since URA’s mandate was to levy and collect taxes in accordance with the law.

It is estimated that the government of Uganda lost 471 million dollars equivalent to 1.6 trillion shillings! This money if distributed to Ugandans, each family would share 150,000=

This matter was taken to Court by a concerned citizen but Tullow tried to block it claiming that this citizen was not an interested party.

Later, commercial division of high court led by Hon Justice Christopher Madrama Izama ruled against the mafia and said the case should proceed. Unfortunately this judge was immediately transfered and Tullow again filed a notice of appeal to which they put an injunction on the main suit! To date the case is on standstill!

Now the mafia having foiled this matter on a legal side, the only option was Parliament. This matter was tabled before the Katuntu committee so that the committee inquires on how URA could drop taxes yet it’s role is to levy and collect taxes. Katuntu despite promising to handle the matter, opted to go to the President, the matter was swept under the carpet and the rest is history! Whether Katuntu was compromised or intimidated by the President is a matter me and you can guess!

Katuntu declared that he would not again contest for a parliamentary seat, only to turn around like Gen Museveni has done severally!

Katuntu later seconded a motion to increase the number of ministers to 80 a move that was outrageous and unacceptable!

All Katuntu dealings with NRM have been proven by his appointment by NRM Party led by Gen Tibuhaburwa to serve as the chairperson Rules, Privileges and discpline committee of Parliament.

Hon Katuntu, allow me to speak to you;

The region you represent is grappling with poverty and your voice is much needed, the sugarcane farmers are suffering with poor prices and your voice is needed, 50% of the children who visit health centres in Busoga are malnourished and your voice is needed!

Amidst all these challenges you have chosen to dine with our tormentor and accepted or negotiated for your appointment to head a committee, what a shame!

How do you eat your own words? How do you serve Gen Museveni interests? What kind of trust does NRM have in you? When did you start working with NRM? What don’t you have for the twenty years you have been in Parliament? What legacy are you leaving behind?

Okay as you dine with the NRM, just know that you are neither the first nor the last! Omara Atubo, Beti Kamya, Nakiwala Kiyingi, Christopher Kibanzanga, Alex Onzima, Maurine Kyalya etc were all used like condoms and dumped!

You are neither smarter nor more favoured, the monster will use you and finally dump you when you have lost your credibility! The next snake that will be soon exposed is Hon Anita Among, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

Muhimbise George, 0787836515

The author is a concerned citizen

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