Is Sudhir A Proxy Through Whom Uganda Government Is Fleeced Of Billions?

Ssemujju Nganda Enumerates Various Kampala Properties Owned By Sudhir Which Government Rents At Incredulous Rental Fees

Uganda Today:Kira Municipality member of Parliament Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, in his characteristic manner of articulating the spendthrift style of Uganda’s president, has come out with yet another dossier enumerating how tax payer’s money is spent on funding East African richest man Sudhir Rupalelia under proxy.

In a video clip below, Ssemujju insinuates that the money government pays to Sudhir in rental fees may actually be ending up in the pockets of Mr. Museveni and his agents. Listen to the clip 

Mr. Museveni’s Undeclared Move To Prop His Son

Uganda’s president who has been at the helm of the country’s administration for the past 37 years so far, and is steadily pushing to end this term in 2026 with glaring and manifested intentions of offering himself for another term of charade elections that will push his tenure to 45 years if God doesn’t believe otherwise, one time made a ridiculous statement that ” I am not a servant of anybody, I work for myself, my children and grandchildren”.

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This statement accentuated his condescending character which he exhibited since his ascendancy to power in 1986. Museveni dazzled citizens and the world at large with his paradigm statement that “I am the only person with a vision to lead Uganda”.  The 78 year old president, lately seems to have developed cold feet about clandestinely letting his son general Muhoozi Keinerugaba take over power from him.

Muhoozi, since 2022, under the guise of celebrating his 48th birthday, had with unprecedented impunity, started traversing the country, throwing birthday parties and declaring his intentions of running for presidency come 2026. He formed a Muhoozi army/ movement to which the father and commander in chief seemed to have turned a deaf ear seemingly abetting the mischief.

However, with the political disenchantment cropping up in Mr. Museveni’s party, it is apparent that Mr. Museveni is readily reneging on his erstwhile plan for now. Recently he met his son’s group and when one reads between the lines, with the stoppage of the son’s twitter posts of running for presidency coupled with social media Muhoozi army group utterances, the hue and cry from NRM members of parliament currently on political orientation at the country’s National Institute of Leadership Kyankwanzi, Mr. Museveni seems to have abandoned his move of letting his son take over.

Abandoned Plan

Over 25 years back, Mr. Museveni sent his son to the the world’s prestigious military school Sandhurst where he trained and returned to the country. Mr. Museveni surreptitiously conscripted his son in the army under the pretext of Local Defence Unit (LDU). Raising him through the rank and file of the army at supersonic rate to the chagrin of a number of seasoned army officers. Mr. Museveni created a special army brigade and named it special forces command (SFC). This was roundly  conscripted by and superintended to by his son.

When his erstwhile contender for presidency retired colonel Kizza Besigye pointed out this anomaly orchestrated by his army commander in 1999, by authoring a document unearthing this clandestine move, he Dr. Besigye was court marshaled. He decided to resign from the army and challenge his army commander for presidency starting with elections of 2001.

Another prominent minister in Mr. Museveni’s government Miria Matembe put up an open resistance against “the Muhoozi project”  and the removal of the term limit cap for presidency from the country’s 10 year old constitution then, she together with Mr.Bidandi Ssali a veteran politician, sports administrator and a long serving minister in Mr. Museveni’s government and pioneer promoter of Mr. Museveni’s 1980’s political party Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM), were summarily sacked from government.

Mr. Museveni was on record dismissing Matembe’s allegation that ” my son has never been even an LC one chairman, how can I prepare him to  become president”!

The country is awaiting with abated breath what will come out of the Kyankwanzi NRM members of parliament retreat because one of the itching issues from them was to ask their chairman to declare his stand about his son’s intentions vis- avis his.

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