Dr. Kantale Kazungu: Busoga’s Iconic Figure Is No More

He led Six MPs To Cross From The Predominantly DP Busoga Region To UPC

Dr. Kantale Kazungu will go down in the annals of history as a man of integrity

Uganda Today: Dr. Kantale Kazungu: A short Obituary.

By Oweyegha-Afunaduula
6 November 2023.
It is no longer news that Dr. Kantale Kazungu, father to the former President of Makerere University Students Guild, and former in- charge of all refugees in Uganda, Dr. David Kazungu, is no more. He has transited to the death component of the life-death cycle, to which we are all destined to transit.
Now that he is gone, only a few of Busoga’s and Uganda’s most open-minded, most independent-minded, most critical thinking and most straight forward scientist who cannot be manipulated or diverted from what is right and proper, remain to guide our generation into the future. He could have chosen to be stinkingly rich like most of those who have served our current rulers, or even to join the brain drain to developed countries, but he chose simplicity humbleness, preferring to spend most of his last year’s of life in his Kamuli District of Uganda.
Dr. David Kantale Kazungu was a true Patriot of Uganda, not by instruction or training, as I hear is happening today but by upbringing and naturally via his parents and community in Kamuli strengthened by schooling and experience.
Dr. Kantale Kazungu would never hesitate to tell you the truth, whether you liked it or not. I don’t know whether this was the reason why he exited President Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s Government or the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) so early, but apart from serving President Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s Government, he has served as Chairman, Kamuli District Public Service Appointments Committee.
He was  a Chancellor of Busoga University. He has left the physical world disappointed that Busoga University is still as he left it: uncertain whether it will be registered and supported by Government and rise to be one of the Great public universities of Uganda.
He was one of the Members of Parliament from Busoga who represented the people of Kamuli Central from 1981 to 1985, a very difficult period in the history of Uganda when Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s and other rebels were determined to wreck the country in order to capture the instruments of power. President Museveni’s rebels succeeded in capturing the instruments of power by force of arms on 25th January 1986. Dr. Kantale Kazungu withdrew to his ancestral home in Kamuli District. It was from there that the new President of Uganda, Tibuhaburwa Museveni invited him to serve his government and country.

Dr.Kantale Kazungu represented Kamuli Central in Obote two Government of 198-1985 before Yoweri Museveni toppled his government. In the Video above, Miria Obote wife of President Milton Obote with her children is interviewed by a journalist.

Dr. Kantale Kazungu loved education, and would never sleep without telling parents of Kamuli, Busoga and Uganda to educate their children. In this he was astute in the feet of the great Busoga administrator, businessman and educationist, Daudi Kintu Mutekanga.
I should not end this obituary of a great man with refocus on the political life of the fallen great man. As I said he represented Kamuli Central in the Parliament of Uganda. He was initially elected as Democratic Party (DP) Member of Parliament (MP). He made history when, he led  six other MPs from Busoga to cross from DP to UPC without consulting the electorate which was strongly DP. The other Crosses were: John Magezi, Iganga North West; Dr. G.N. Muzira, Jinja East; Eng. M.P. Batumbya, Kamuli West; D.J.K. Nabeta, Iganga South West; J.O. Mpaulo, Kamuli East; and Alex Waibale, Jinja North.
Among all MPs from Busoga only Professor Yoweri Kyesimira, did not cross to UPC. The only surviving of the Crosses, Eng. M.P. Batumbya is serving Busoga as Chairman of the Committee  organising the Wedding of the Kyabazinga on 18th November    2023. It is sad Dr. David Kantale Kazungu will be absent from the Wedding. We shall never know what he will have said during the wedding.
May his Soul Rest in Peace!

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