Cure Of Sickle Cell Disease Is Here

Good News For Sickle Cell Sufferers

Good news!! Hope for a cure for Sickle Cell Disease

Hope for a cure: Treating Sickle Cell Disease with CRISPR. Sickle Cell Clinical Trial Aims to Cure the Disease by Correcting Patient’s Mutated Gene. University of California San Franscisco (UCSF) Benioff Children’s Oakland Received $17M in Grants to Launch 4-Year Study Using CRISPR to Eradicate Sickle Cell Mutation.

By Lorna Fernandes.

“This therapy has the potential to transform sickle cell disease care by producing an accessible, curative treatment that is safer than the current therapy of stem cell transplant from a healthy bone marrow donor,” Walters said. “If this is successfully applied in young patients, it has the potential to prevent irreversible complications of the disease.” Dr. Walters.


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