Uganda’s Homosexuality Menace

Parents Are Called Upon To Be More Vigilant About All Activities Of Their Children

Homosexuality is a real menace creeping up clandestinely among the youth in secondary schools and to a lesser extent higher institutions of learning.

Elijah Mukisa in a video clip confessing to having been a gay and the dire repercussions he got from the activity. He revealed that he was abandoned by his promoters

According to Uganda’s penal code, homosexuality is illegal, but because there’s a lot of money uttered into its promotion in the country, it is alarming to note that some elements in police have been compromised to the extent that they either keep aloof about it or in some instances, they deliberately protect the perpetrators to advance this ignominious act.

Concerned Parent Whistle Blows.

Greetings Parents and Parents to be on this Forum.

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I have not so good news to share, but a parental Alert.

Some time this year, 13 girls at that famous, Nabisunsa Girls’ Secondary School were expelled for recruiting and practicing Lesbianism. One of the Girls said she was recruited while at Bweranyangi girls and whoever joined would be facilitated to recruit others. The more you recruit, the better. The motivating factor was the big money they are Paid, 600,000/- monthly, which is logistics and salary.

We live in tricky times, Parenting in this age is trickier and harder like never before, where any unsuspecting soul can be bought, its very sad.
We are in times where everyone can be enticed by money and goodies.

Therefore it’s of paramount importance that your children are closely monitored so that they don’t fall pret to the recruiters who are so subtle and scattered in nearly all the schools.¬† Money is a big factor. This info never gets out, as understandably, the Schools have to protect their image, but this allows the vice to grow and spread.

A very young boy recently during an interview on YouTube. said he had recruited over 1000 students, and he was earning 5,000,000/= per month, he owned a car and was renting. He had dropped out of School in Senior 6 to go and “make” money.

He went on to say that, he was in charge of Eastern Uganda stretching from Jinja, Iganga, Malaba, Tororo, Busia all the way to Mbale.

Their structure is so intricate with a hierarchy enticing freebies including but not limited to, marketing, Clinics, designer perfumes, designer clothes and every merchandize for recruiting. He said he recruited so many during the recent 2 lock downs as the youth were enticed by the money. That is how he got promoted to head a region.

The sad part is that, this boy who came out to confess, said the vice is addictive, you are not to expose your supervisors and it works like a pyramid scheme. You get more money when your recruits, recruit.

His mother had no idea, she was convinced he had a regular Job and she was happy with the goodies and the money he kept sending her, plus the fact that he was driving his own car at only 19.

Just Imagine, that is one person confessing. What about the invisible ones hidden in schools and in our communities.

For example, his 1000 recruits are busy recruiting others, yet this subtle activity is happening across the country, in schools.

As parents we need to pull up our socks and become very observant and be resolute and hardened in playing our part. The mobile phones  have exaggerated the rate at which this illicit activity is carried out.

Otherwise we could have an explosion of gay infested youth suddenly. Its a real threat, a real mental virus.


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Chris Kato

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