Ugandan MPs Demonstrate Heterosexual Relationship As Opposed To Homosexuality

Two MPs Were Practically Caught On Camera Enjoying The Company Of Each Other In View Of Others In Parliamentary Sitting.

Uganda Today: To them, it seemed to be a casual encounter of a friendly engagement for colleagues, but to the roving cameras that brought it to the fore, it was more of a romantic show of affection.

This yet to be identified female MP, immediately after taking her seat, next to the male MP, she started caressing his nape to the envy of another male MP behind them.

To us, at Uganda Today, it is more of an exhibition and entrenchment of abhorrence of homosexuality as opposed to heterosexual.

Since the house Speaker hasn’t yet come out to say something about what may seem to be mischievous of honourable members of Parliament as accentuated in video clip, by the third member of Parliament who grabbed the hand of the female MP, to give him a similar treat, we resultantly argue that homosexuality has no room in Uganda.

We also wish to take this opportunity to urge the president to sign the anti homosexuality bill into law with the pomp of media attention as he had done in 2014.

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The same Ugandan president signed anti homosexuality bill into law in 2014, amidst so many hullabaloo from the western world.

In order to circumvent anticipated repercussions, some sympathisers of homosexuality went to court and court nullified the law on grounds that it was passed without quorum.

Now that the bill was once again moved and passed by parliament and subsequently to the president who expressed some reservations which he pointed out to parliament, with due diligence, parliament addressed the issues the president raised and re- submitted the bill.


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Chris Kato

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