Uganda To Play Host AFCON 2027, The Sky Is Our Goal

Uganda Together With Kenya And Tanzania, Shall For The First Time have Set A Precedent Of Three Countries To Host AFCON.

Uganda Today: Hosting the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) can bring several potential benefits to Uganda, including economic, social, and sporting advantages. The above are general overview of the likely benefits, it’s important to note that the specific benefits can vary depending on our infrastructure, organization, and utilization of the tournament.

FUFA  on Wednesday September 27th 2023, granted permission to the triumvirate of the three pioneer East African countries: Uganda Kenya and Tanzania to host  AFCON 2027. The news was received with a lot of enthusiasm from the general public, the government and soccer fraternity in the three countries

Here are some potential benefits that Uganda, like other previous host countries, may expect to gain from hosting AFCON:

  1. Economic Boost: Hosting AFCON can lead to increased economic activity in the host country. This includes revenue from ticket sales, tourism, and hospitality services. Local businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, and shops, may experience a surge in demand during the tournament.
  2. Infrastructure Development: Preparations for hosting AFCON often require significant investments in infrastructure, such as stadiums, transportation systems, and hotels. These developments can have long-term benefits for the country, improving its overall infrastructure.
  3. Tourism Promotion: Hosting a major sporting event like AFCON can promote the host country as a tourist destination. Visitors who come for the tournament may return in the future for leisure or business travel, contributing to the tourism sector’s growth.
  4. Job Creation: Preparing for and hosting AFCON can create temporary and permanent jobs in various sectors, including construction, hospitality, security, and event management. This can help reduce unemployment and boost the local economy.
  5. International Exposure: Hosting a major tournament puts the host country in the international spotlight. This exposure can be used to showcase the country’s culture, tourism attractions, and investment opportunities.
  6. Sporting Development: Investment in sports infrastructure and facilities can contribute to the development of sports at the grassroots level. It may encourage more youth to participate in sports and lead to the development of talent in various disciplines.
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Now, let’s briefly touch on some of the benefits that previous host countries, Egypt, Gabon, Guinea, and South Africa, have experienced:

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  • Egypt (hosted AFCON in 2019): Egypt is a country with a strong football tradition. Hosting AFCON allowed them to showcase their passion for the sport and their ability to organize a major tournament. The economic benefits included increased tourism and revenue from ticket sales. Egypt also benefited from improved infrastructure, including stadium renovations.
  • Gabon (hosted AFCON in 2017): Hosting AFCON helped promote Gabon as a tourist destination in Central Africa. The tournament brought international attention to the country and facilitated infrastructure development, particularly in stadium upgrades and transportation.
  • Guinea (hosted AFCON in 2023): Guinea’s hosting of AFCON in 2023 would likely have provided economic benefits, infrastructure improvements, and an opportunity to showcase the country’s cultural heritage and natural beauty. However, specific benefits would depend on the successful execution of the tournament.
  • South Africa (hosted AFCON in 1996): South Africa, which had previously hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2010, used AFCON 1996 to continue its investment in sports infrastructure. The tournament contributed to the growth of the country’s tourism sector and its reputation as a major sporting events host.

Please note that the benefits can vary significantly depending on factors like the country’s preparation, promotion, and execution of the tournament. The long-term impact of hosting AFCON also depends on how well the host nation leverages the opportunities created by the event.

The ball is in the courts of government and to soccer regulating body FUFA to ensure that this golden chance doesn’t slip of out of grip for Uganda which has the gigantic task putting place stadia infrastructure to match FUFA standards.


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