Reason Why Tourists Should Visit Uganda In Tens Of Thousands

The Country Ranks 1st In Almost All Forms Of Corruption

Uganda Today: Uganda has severally taken up the first position in world indexes of rankings in varying sampling parameters, ranging but not limited to:


Human rights abuse

Fledgling democracy

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Poor healthy remedial facilities

Uganda is the only East African Country with no term and age limits for the presidency out of the whole lot of 7 countries. It is the only country in Africa that was made a protectorate instead of a colony by colonialists.

Watch video below about Uganda’s despicable rankings that should be a marvel to repeat and new tourists

These and many others make Uganda a unique country on its own with its positive friendly and hospitable citizens, endowed with unmatchable fauna and flora, the (pearl of Africa) with a modern revived Buganda Kingdom proud of its distinctive upheld cultural identity and heritage, remains the best tourist destination in the world.

Besides, Uganda’s current President Tibuhaburwa Museveni who is about to cap 38  years in power, since January 1986, has impacted the country both positively and negatively in various spheres. In most of African countries, any public pronouncement made by the president is more often than not taken as a decree by citizens. This coupled by the fact that the President is the commander in chief of the armed forces, makes his pronouncements carry that obeyance exhibited by a dog to its master.

Some of Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s pronouncements that have had indelible impacts on citizens.

“Some people think that being in government for a long time is a bad thing. But the more you stay, the more you learn. I am now an expert in governance.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

‘Africa’s problem are its leaders who overstay in power” Said this in 1986 after toppling president Tito Okello Lutwa

“We have ushered in a fundamental change, Uganda has had several governments ever since independence, don’t consider us in that category, there wont be change in Uganda for some long time to come” ~ Yoweri Museveni hinting on his orchestrated plan that has seen him change the constitution twice in order to remain in power.

“I don’t know about torture. I have educated myself on many things but on torture I have not known the boundary between what is torture and what isn’t torture. I know the NRA tie these people (rebels, etc.) when they catch them. They tie their hands backwards. I am now being told that is torture. It is the traditional method.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“If I kissed my wife in public, I’d lose the next election.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“I shall not be deterred by people who don’t see where the future of Africa lies. It is the short-sighted people who put their opinions in writing. They don’t understand that the future of all countries lies in processing.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“We do not accept the Western way of thinking that there are two ways of life. At the same time, the police (here) are not chasing gays. In Africa, sexuality is something very private, even for heterosexuals. Heterosexuals are not parading! But gays want to behave like exhibitionists.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“My critics always forget to mention that I was democratically elected, the others were not. Everyone in Uganda can challenge me, everyone can vote, the elections are free. Not many countries have achieved what we did.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“The island is in Kenya, the water is in Uganda… But the [Luos, a Kenyan ethnic group] are mad, they want to fish here but this is Uganda.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“Africa is wealthy in natural resources; the problem is they are not optimally utilized.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“The soldiers feel that the Police are not serious with the criminal elements and that they are corrupt. The army had to come in and insist that criminals must be punished. It happens in all countries, there is a time when the army assumes the duty of internal security.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“I did not, I could not and I will never invite Obote, … This is because Obote is someone who made a lot of mistakes in our history.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“I have made revenue collection a frontline institution because it is the one which can emancipate us from begging. If we can get about 22% of GDP we should not need to disturb anybody asking for aid; instead of coming here to bother you, give me this, give me this, I shall come here to greet you, to trade with you.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“I don’t pick up people. This is the work of the police. If there’s anybody with a case, it’s the police, not me.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“Today, hundreds of thousands of AIDS patients are under medical treatment, which is a great advancement. But it makes some people reckless.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“The Islamists had control over territory that was about half the size of the Federal Republic of Germany. For years, we have been putting the lives of our troops on the line, we have taken huge losses and the Europeans cut the budget? If money is more important than the lives of our children, what else is this than the usual arrogance and superficiality? And where is all this terror coming from? It is a result of mistakes the West committed in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 1980s, when they armed the Islamic rebels against the Soviet troops.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“When the problems in Libya started, the African Union set up a committee to address the situation. We urgently advised the Europeans not to intervene. You have done so anyway. Now we are seeing absolute chaos there.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“We certainly would be happy for more help, but not at the price of condescension and arrogance. If the Europeans believe they can afford to be less committed in Somalia, please – we can deal with it ourselves.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“When we sell a kilo of bean coffee in Uganda, we get one dollar per kilo. The same kilo, when it is processed [and sold in Britain], goes for $10, $11 or even more a kilo. That is the same situation that goes for all raw materials.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“I was against impunity when it comes to human rights violations. But many of us African leaders now want to leave the Rome Statute as soon as possible because of this Western arrogance.” ~ Yoweri Museveni

“Who knows more about the environment than me”? 2007, when he wanted to give away the country’s Mabira forest to Mehta Group for sugarcane plantations. It took Beatrice Anywar and Tom Butime now ministers, in Museveni government to organise a demonstration against the give way of the forest that culminated in the death of an Indian that Museveni denounced his unpalatable move.

“I am not a servant of anybody, i work for myself, children and grand children” While denouncing the universally upheld servant leader tenet.

“In Uganda i am next to God” while emphasizing that he has absolute power to decide the fate of any citizen

Even if you dance for your candidate 24 hours, at the end, it is the NRM to decide the winner”. 2022, while warning electorates in Kayunga LC 5 by elections not to vote a non NRM candidate.

“A mere ballot paper cannot get me out of power” revealing the fact that all elections in Uganda are are charade elections.

“I said let me check, when i checked, i realised that the man was beaten properly” 2018 in reference to the beating and torture his army occasioned to his anticipated fiercest 2021 presidential rival Kyagulanyi Ssentamu



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