When Wanted Ali Jabar Was Killed In Uganda

He Had Been Employed By Ugandan Government



Bizarre things continue to happen in Uganda that leave the country as a laughing stock. 

Right from the time when  Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu declared his intentions to run for presidency in 2018, he was subjected to torment, torture to near death and was  branded an anti progress person.!

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It is a pity that all these despicable actions were spear headed by government and the head of state who doesn’t want to fairly compete for the coveted position of presidency.

Kizza Besigye and Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu have in no small measure, endured state persecution with the former having sailed through it for over 30 years while the latter is 5 years in the heat of the fray.

He is known to circumvent all liberal arguments within his party with the aim that he is declared a sole candidate in his party. Like a good chess player, he is so adept that time and again, he uses different stooges to achieve this.

He does this, knowing pretty well that once he goes past that stage, he uses security organs and effectively manipulates the electoral commission to declare him the winner of of all general elections. He has done this for 30 years. He is on record of saying ” a mere ballot paper cannot get me out of power”. On four occasions, he has been taken to courts of law to cancel his election, but because, largely courts are compromised, they have left citizens puzzled with their pronouncements of upholding the elections despite the fact that rigging and several malpractices were adduced.

The last court petition of 2021 by Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu was withdrawn underway due to a number of reasons among which was the apparent biasness detected from the chief custodian of the law in the country who engaged in several private meetings with the president yet he was the first respondent in the petition.


Several of the president’s former generals namely general Biraaro (who even ran for presidency) in the country’s 2016 general elections, general Sejusa (this one confessed for having doctored the 2006 general elections results in favour of the president), retired colonel Kizza Besigye, and retired colonel Bogere, have all come out on different occasions to point out why the democracy they fought for in the protracted 5 year war is being derailed.

Colonel Bogere was even removed from representing the army in parliament after he voted against the removal of presidential term limits in 2005. Remember this was a manipulation that was aimed at benefitting the president who had already served the mandatory elective two terms at that time.

Opposition has severally called for scraping of army representatives simply because the army is supposed to be apolitical. The president and his executive have refused to pay heed to this simply because the army representatives are ordered to vote for the president’s aspirations in case of any contentious issues to be decided by a parliamentary vote. This explains why colonel Bogere was removed from Parliament.

The former security minister, general Tumwine was on record for having insulted a fellow legislator because he (Tumwine) went to the Bush to bring peace and democracy to the country which the country is purportedly enjoying. Ironically, it is the very “democracy” they are tramping upon with unprecedented impunity.

The security minister without remorse, felt secure to run “safe houses” where citizens were tortured and he had the audacity of accusing Robert Kyagulanyi, for pointing out this human rights abuse orchestrated by government to Americans!

General Tumwine  heightened the involvement of the Arny in politics by gazetting the brand attire of red berets regardless of the LOGO on it as a preserve of the army.! He  ridiculously went ahead to associate the popular opposition people power movement with the international terrorist movement to justify its (people power) persecution!

It is a paradox of the century that much as the government was bent on discrediting the people power movement associating it to hampering progress, and accusing it of having links to the international red terrorist movement, the same government through the then minister of internal affairs Jeje Odongo is said to have conscripted a foreigner who was on a wanted list by 4 countries, into Ugandan security circles.

Ali Jabar was killed by a sister in law who was playing with his pistol at Ntinda Independent hospital where Jabar had gone to visit his wife who had just given birth of their child.

Police said, Jabar was prompted to remove the magazine from the pistol, unknowing that by the time he did this, a bullet was already lodged in the chamber. So when the naughty sister in law continued aiming at the brother in law playfully, a bullet was lodged in his chest.

This  came to the fore after his death that revealed government’s validation yet the man was on a  wanted list by 4 foreign countries. With the rampant unemployment in the country, and you see a government minister employing a foreigner instead of indiginous citizens!.

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Chris Kato

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