Why Reappointment Of Richard Byarugaba Remains In Balance

Despite Receiving A Letter From The Prime Minister, Directing The Labour Minister To Reappoint Mr. Byarugaba, The Issue Still Remains Contentious

The issue to renew the contract of Mr. Richard Byarugaba the former National Social Security Fund (NSSF) managing director remains contentious among key players expected to resolve this matter.

Byarugaba’s five year contract at the helm of the national social security find for workers in the country expired on November 30, and his deputy Patrick Ayota was substantively appointed in acting capacity as managing director and deputy managing director.

NSSF Managing Director current appointing authority Minister of Gender Labour and Social Development Betty Amongi

What Does The NSSF Act Stipulate?

Sections 39 and 40 chapter 222, as amended, provide for the positions of managing director and deputy managing director to be appointed by the minister of labour on the recommendation of the board.

Although NSSF board approved the reappointment of both Byarugaba and Ayota, only Ayota’s contract was  renewed without ado. Byarugaba’s contract still hangs in balance.

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The Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja Musafiri, on December 7, wrote to the labour minister Amongi, asking her to Reappoint for the next five years.

Nabbanja advised that after consultations, Amongi should go ahead Byarugaba as was recommended by the board.

“In my assessment, consensus has emerged that we should agree with the board’s recommendation to allow a 5 year non- renewable performance contract to to Richard Byarugaba and Patrick Ayota as managing director and deputy managing director respectively. I appreciate that you have already appointed Ayota as the deputy managing director” stressed Nabbanja.

However, as these correspondences criss-crossed offices, the labour minister, hesitated to act as advised citing a petition against Byarugaba’s reappointment from workers to her office.

Accusations Of Workers Labeled Against Byarugaba.

A petition dated November 24, a group of over 100 petitioners holding out as workers leaders, trade union leaders staff and savers, through the organization of trade unions, petioned the president and minister Amongi not to reappoint Byarugaba.

The petition that was addressed to the Inspector General of Government, State House Anti Corruption Unit, the Chairman of the committee of commissions, statutory authorities and State enterprises, plus the Prime Minister, accused Byarugaba of abuse of office, corruption and mismanagement of the fund.

Their arguments acknowledges growth of the fund from 1.7 trillion where Byarugaba found it, but they strongly attribute this to team work and have a feeling that if the fund wasn’t bedeviled by mismanagement, the fund would have developed in several folds.

They requested that detailed investigations against Byarugaba conduct and the illegalities that were committed during his ended contract  be carried out.

Petioners cited several projects that were undertaken by the fund including but not limited to the pension towers, the commercial development project and land purchases in Lubowa and Nakigalala.

For purposes of transparency, petitioners argued that investigations should be carried out when Byarugaba is out of office because if it isn’t so, he can potentially undermine investigations.

Meanwhile, Amongi is involved in several consultations between her, the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, the NSSF board and the president to see to it that the issue is resolved before closure of business for Christmas holidays.

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