Uganda’s Local Councils By Elections Programme Is On Course

Replacement Of Kayunga District LC 5 Features Prominently

Following various occurrences that have taken place in different parts of the country, the country’s electoral body has set a programme to carry out bye elections in all the affected areas.

According to the spokesperson of the electoral body Mr. Paul Bukenya, the categories to be filled during these by-elections include the following:

1) District Chairperson (Kayunga District)
2) District Women Councilors (DWC)
3) District Directly Elected Councilors (DDEC)
4) Municipality Directly Elected Councilors (MDEC)
5) Municipality Women Councilors (MWC)
6) Sub-county Chairpersons (SCCP)
7) Sub-county Directly Elected Councilors (SCDEC)
8) Sub-County Women Councilors (SCWEC)
9) Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Councilors, that include:-
a) PWDs
b) Older Persons
c) Workers
d) Youth

Ugandans lining up at a polling station to cast their votes during the last presidential elections on January 14, 2021

The various activities related to the by-elections commenced this October, 2021 and will conclude with Polling and Tallying of Results on Wednesday 15th, December, 2021 (for SIGs) and Thursday, 16th December, 2021 for Kayunga District Chairperson and other Local Government Councils.


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