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Uganda Is For Us All

By Johnmary Odoy

The Uganda we want 2023 and Beyond

For the past 12 months, Ugandans have gone through trials and tribulations. Some have gone through devastating and painful experiences; several lives have been lost while many are still under torturous daily encounters.

Several are now orphans and / or widows. There are untold stories of people suffering.
Under the rule of Mr. Museveni, the level of human rights abuse and violation in this period has hit record high. Most Ugandans are experiencing hell knowingly and unknowingly.

Kidnaping / abductions and killing innocent people has gone out of control. Land grabbing and displacement of people off their ancestral land and property by highly placed people in government and the military is currently unstoppable. Personalizing and stealing public resources including hard cash through dubious actions and endless unnecessary supplementary budgets seems to have become institutionalized. Several other pain staking issues are happening under the watch of Mr. Museveni and his comrades in crimes.

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I have heard several times Mr. Museveni saying that he is not aware of the wrong things going on in the country including not knowing that people are living in abject poverty. Many don’t believe him, but there are sycophants who take his lies as the gospel truth. In my view and the view of many like-minded, Mr. Museveni merely pretends not to know this. If it is true that he is not aware, what has he done after getting to know? The abductions and torture cases seem to be on the rise! My simple analysis in this case is that Mr. Museveni has lost control and he is no longer in charge of the nation, suffice to say his presidency is a big cost to the country and he is actually a liability to the country. Following this trend, it is not far-fetched to say that a political crush may be closer than we think.

The country has further been exposed to a political crisis and instability. The failed state as the country is today, is even becoming deeper with an economic and social crisis written on the wall. This needs to be counteracted and the only available choice is for the over 40 million people in Uganda to rise up against the misrule. It is absurd that the hands of over 40 million Ugandans are tied at the moment. Even God seems to be watching and waiting for a special prayer request to get Mr. Museveni and his fellow torturers out of power.

Through public fora public media, private discussions, social media and personal thoughts, Ugandans are speaking, they are wishing, they have a picture of the Uganda they want which includes but not limited to;
A Uganda saved from the presidency of Mr. Museveni but with a clear minded president and leadership that will move Uganda from the current state of quagmire. A president who neither abuses and violates nor condones the abuse and violation of people’s rights. A president who will stop the abductions/kidnappings and imprisoning of innocent people. A president who will with immediate effect release Hon Ssewanyana, Hon. Segirinya , all FDC / NUP supporters and persons being criminalized for being supporters of or are pro-regime change. A president who is not corrupt and who without fear or favour will tackle the problem of corruption and mismanagement of the country’s fiscal and non-fiscal resources. A president who should not seek comfort in presiding over a state rooted in criminality, state inspired violence and state inspired murder.
A Uganda with a leadership that respects the environment and is resolved to protecting, conserving and restoring natural resources with special attention to environment and climate change. Military and legal protection given to agents who destroy forests, wetlands, water bodies be castigated and anyone culpable be severely punished.

A Uganda where women, who are the foundation of life, wisdom and prosperity are fully protected from any sort of discrimination and harassment and given sufficient space to contribute to the turnaround of the country to lasting progress. No woman shall be left behind in the country’s development initiatives.
A Uganda with Services and service delivery systems in the education sector, health sector, roads sector, legal sector etc that respond to the desires and aspirations of the citizens.
A Uganda with a justice system that is composed of, managed and served by decent and committed officials who are principled and ethical and don’t dispense justice or carryout their functions based on ‘orders from above’ or due to given incentives. It is disgraceful for a whole nation to continue having judges or magistrates and other legal officers who operate within the whims of Mr. Museveni or the so-called ‘powers from above’ and avoid following the laws.

A Uganda with youth not molested, traumatized or maimed to the extent that they cannot be actively involved in the development of the country. A Uganda with the youth empowered and gainfully employed.
A Uganda with a parliament whose leadership is deserving and suitable, so to say, solid and mature leadership. A parliament with members, especially those that belong to the NRM, know and practice their roles as peoples’ representatives and not agents to promote Mr. Museveni’s trickeries and agenda.

Uganda’s Giraffe species. Uganda is a desired destination for tourists, but despite this potential, citizens in Karamoja die of hunger

A Uganda with uncompromised religious and faith-based institutions leaders capable of speaking the truth without fear.
The country is undergoing unprecedented challenges. People are craving for a good country in all aspects which this long serving regime has failed to deliver in the last 37 years. It is on record that Uganda’s’ development trajectory has been retrogressing systematically. For the country to get back on truck, Museveni’s presidency needs to end. The killer campaign of ‘TOVA KU MEINI’ is not only a diversion, act of discrimination, a suffocation of voices, unfair and not beneficial but a strategy to destroy this great country.
I pray that 2023 brings hope for better lives for Uganda.

John Mary Odoy,
Senior Citizen
+256 782 457 990

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Chris Kato

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