Is Homosexuality Genetic?

10 Years Ago I Penned A Rejoinder Reacting To Peter Mulira's Article That Was Published In Daily Monitor Tuesday January 28, 2014 Dwelling On The Intricate Issue Of Homosexuality.

UgandaToday: Does Homosexulity Has Anything To Do With Genes?

January 28th 2014, i wrote this article urging the president to assent to the homosexuality bill which was pending his signature then.

The President assented to the bill then only to be quashed by court later. In 2023 the bill was ammended once again and the same president amidist threats assented to it. I am glad to reproduce my 2014 argument here.

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I always desist from commenting on other people’s opinions but I have this time around, been intrigued to comment on Mr. Peter Mulira’s article in Tuesday 28, 2014 Daily Monitor. In his opinion augmented with several research report findings, Mr. Mulira argues that homosexuality has a lot to do with the genes dispensation.

However at some point, he shoots himself in the foot when he says “Here in Uganda homosexuality was rampant in Buganda in the 1850s as a result of arrival of Arab traders during the reign of King Mutesa 1 and was given the name ebisiyaga”. Surely if homosexuality had a lot to do with the gene’s dispensation, then why was it only rampant after the arrival of the Arab traders? Should we assume that Africans have different genes from those of their counter parts from the Arabian and western world? Or why is it becoming an issue in the modern day world with more sympathizers and proponents from the west?

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Mr. Mulira adduced evidence that the first recorded gay couple was from Egypt an Arabian Peninsula, alluding and giving credence to the fact that it is merely an orientation of the mind occasioned to victims through indoctrination otherwise; it should have been rampant everywhere in the world as opposed to its concentration in western countries where it is freely permitted.

He rightly argues that it is not a recent importation from the west, yes it is not, but the west has become a champion of this vice under the guise of human rights. In my opinion, the several research findings he cited are likely to have been done by proponents of homosexuality who wanted to drift away from their fellow sympathizers who have been using only one weapon of “human rights” in order to create homosexuality’s relevance in society.

No wonder the vice is now common among the youths who are more susceptible to monetary gains inducements from the west, coupled with peer pressure. We should therefore explore all means of dissuading homosexuality practitioners from the vice using all means available ranging but not limited to legislation, counseling etc.

Some people have argued that homosexuality is an abnormality, yes if so why should we close our eyes and live with a looming threat to humanity? Aids/ HIV has plagued the world for decades now, but the world has not crossed its fingers in prayers only, endless efforts are being made to wipe away the monster. In the same breath, let’s agree in principle to fight homosexuality and one of the ways to fight it is to apply the law. I urge the president to assent to the homosexuality act now.

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Chris Kato

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