Bobi Wine Attacks Government For Being A Spendthrift

National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Blames Parliament For Procuring Cars For Former Speakers Yet Some Of Them Are Still Employed In Top Government Positions Where They Are Entitled To Cars, Fringe Benefits And Emoluments. For Example, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga Currently Serves As The First Deputy Prime Minister. She Also Serves As Minister For East African Community Affairs. No Wonder She Declined To Appear At The Ceremonial Hand Over Of Vehicles.

Uganda Today: Where is the common sense Museveni was talking about recently? The regime claims to be cash-strapped. Citizens are dying of hunger in different parts of the country. The regime can barely offer any meaningful services to the people. And what do they do?

Spend billions to purchase luxury cars for former Speakers of Parliament, some of whom still hold well-paying government jobs where they already have vehicles and convoys following them around! Each week, we wake up to a new scandal, new heist. The criminals in power continue to ask the citizens:

“What can you do?” And yes, the citizens of this country must rise up at the earliest opportunity and put an end to this madness. – Kyagulanyi states in a scathing tirade directed to the president.

The Speaker of Parliament -second left walking to the venue to hand over the 5 luxurious vehicles her entity procured for living former Speakers of Parliament including Rebecca Kadaga who is a minister of East African Affairs and First Deputy Prime Minister. Kadaga didn’t appear at the ceremonial hand over

General Perspective

Yoweri Museveni has been the President of Uganda since 1986.  Museveni’s government has faced criticism on various fronts, including concerns about financial management and government spending.

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Critics of the Museveni government have raised issues related to corruption, mismanagement of public funds, and lack of transparency. There have been allegations of extravagant spending on government projects and programs, with some accusing the administration of being spendthrift. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the government’s handling of foreign aid and loans, with claims of inadequate accountability and oversight.

It’s important to note that opinions on the government’s financial practices can vary, and different perspectives exist on the overall economic management of Uganda under Museveni’s leadership.


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