Tribute To Fallen Soccer Maestro Ibrahim Buwembo

A Must Read By Aldrine Nsubuga

Ibrahim Buwembo’s candle burns out. RIP owe Mmamba.

By Aldrine Nsubuga

If you didn’t have a chance to see him play, let me replay his clips for you in words:

Late 1980s – late 1990s (Coffee, Express, Uganda Cranes)

This was the period of his super stardom. The left footed dribbling wizard was not nick named ‘black Maradona’ for nothing.

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Standing at 5ft 3 inch, his short stocky frame hang on one left foot – the weapon that slay everything in front of him. A one man destruction crew who could take on an army on his own and still demand for more.

The most difficult winger to defend against in his time. Forget his teammates – all that Ibra needed was a ball and a team to play against. There were times when you believed the ball was tied to his laces.

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His ball command and control – a combination that stood out like a magnet – were as mystifying as his the manner in which he dribbles past opponents like a knife in butter.

His ability to stay standing and maintain his balance when he was hounded and tackled dangerously as the only way to stop him defied logic. No team relished the prospect of playing against him.

Buwembo was a circus master. An entertainer who dribbled past a forest of legs as if they didnt exist. And he had an end product to his game. Often scoring, often creating. When he crossed, he was inch perfect. He had pace to burn; so often leaving opponents at sea as he flew past them in a ghostly fashion.

A crowd favourite whose romance with the fans was not restricted to his own club fans. You had to love Ibra. He was what Sam Ssimbwa was with the right foot. Often times, Buwembo played on with an injured leg. A half fit Ibra was still better than many of his fully fit teammates. A big game player who saved his best for the big match days. Ask KCCA, Villa, Express – the giants of the day.

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Buwembo was a technical player. So skillful and delightful in motion, he was on every fans lips before and after games. His kind on resurfaced when Willy Kyambadde (RIP) burst on the scene after. His longevity and consistency at the very top of his game a rarity until this day.

His passing has reminded us of the generational talents we do miss in today’s game. Its sad that many fans of local football today didn’t get a chance to watch this godly talent.

RIP Ibra

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