The Law Is An Equaliser: Chameleon Should Face It

Torturers Of Nicole Faced It So Should Jose Chameleon

Just like death, the law is an equaliser every one faces it.

Last week a video portraying East African renowned music spinner Jose Chameleon also known as Joseph Mayanja, seriously assaulting a boda boda rider with beatings using a rod he keeps in his car went viral.

The incident that happened on November 17, 2022, as Chameleon was driving back to his Sseguku home, according to the singer’s communication handlers, came into the domain of social media last week.

It is alleged that Jose Chameleon released a statement through his Public Relations team pertaining to this bizarre incident in which he assaulted a motorbike rider.

Chameleon said he beat up the rider in self defence after the boda rider hurled verbal insults to him when he accused him of damaging the left side of his Range Rover.

“On the morning of Thursday 17th November 2022, an uncomfortable incident involving a boda boda rider and Jose Chameleon happened as he was driving back to his home in Sseguku where a reckless rider rammed into his Range Rover leaving the left side of it scratched,” the statement released by the singer’s team reads in part.

The Long Arm Of The Law Should Catch Up With Chameleon

Chameleon who, in the last elections, unsuccessfully contested for Kampala Mayoral seat, isn’t new to controversies of this nature, he one time ordered his handlers to beat up a one Robert Karamagi who later died at Mulago Hospital. Chameleon suspected Karamagi to have been an intruder who climbed his home perimeter wall to access his residence. Chameleon is alleged to have ordered his handlers to tie Karamagi with ropes and st fire on him. Although some accounts narrate that actually Karamagi had worked for Chameleon and was at his home demanding for his pay. This happened on boxing day of 2012.

Chameleon has severally been involved in physical fights at places where he goes to perform, but because police, the custodian of keeping law and order hasn’t taken punitive actions against him, Chameleon continues to take the law in his hands with reckless abandon. This is unacceptable in a civilised society.

This month police at Kira road, police station took up a matter of assault occasioned to a young lady Nicole by three other women who were accusing Nicole of hobnobbing with one of the women’s boyfriend. The culprit was prosecuted and sentenced to prison.

The manner Kira road police handled Nicole’s assault, should be the same manner Joseph Mayanja’s unbecoming behaviour should be handled regardless of whether the assaulted rider comes out to file a case against Chameleon.

Police should look for the victim and proceed with the case.

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