She Tussles In Conformity With What African Women Endure

By Bashir

In my walkabouts, I come across a very hardworking woman. I can see her zeal and determination and underneath that, her struggles. 10 banana bunches on a rather ageing motorcycle.

For the non-Luganda speakers, she tells me she’s a farmer. Used to struggle to get her produce to the markets in time, inhibitive car transport costs or delayed and unpredictable motorcycle transporters. She vowed she’d save up and buy her own motorcycle. She did.
Fell off the first time she rode after she engaged gear number 1 on a hill without adequate preparation. She learnt her lesson, not that she didn’t fall thereafter, but those other tones were the result of slippery roads following heavy downpours. She’s experienced now and her business is thriving in her small ways- able to make a farm to folk delivery with her roadside food joint. She’s a mother of 3 and has paid tuition for her kids from this trade.

Can you please help so we buy her a bigger motorcycle (A bajaj) that would do her work less strenuously? Her back would be in a better posture with that help. $1390 would give her a new motorcycle.
This is what you can do;
Share this message as much as you can so it goes viral.
If interested to help, Please I’ll send you a number registered in her names. Some people have already got in touch. Such efforts are worth rewarding.
Thank you.

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