Politics Of Humiliation Breeds Vendetta

Zaake's Rebuttal Towards The Deputy Speaker Didnt Merit Action Taken

Parliament of Uganda  using its ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) numerical majority strength, censured and removed opposition member, Mityana Municipality member of parliament Francis Zaake from the position of Commissioner of Parliament representing the entire opposition on the entire highest organ of the country’s parliament decision making unit.

Zaake, was accused of abusing and insulting the Deputy Speaker Anita Amongo who’s currently taking up the mantle of stewardship of the country’s August house following the indisposed out of office Speaker Jocob Oulanyah’s absence.

Dr Mwambutsya Ndebesa of Makerere University feels, the manner and the process of removing Zaake, was not only unjust, but is also in no small measure a spring board for vendetta.

People do not conflict over material things only but also non material and intangible things valued by man such as culture, honor, dignity,  status, values etc. So what does  it pay to dishonour Hon. Zaake by dishonoring him by torturing him, follow him up by mocking him, follow it by censoring him, follow it up by requiring him to apologize and laughing at him. What is Anita Among’s Parliament up to if not to humiliate Zaake and his fellow opposition Mps? Is this how to build a nation? Is Anita and her Parliament aware such political policies of humiliating opponents can cause political conflicts that can lead to political violence?
 Let us pick one example in our history. In 1967 the Obote government abolished monarchies in Uganda. Government went ahead to occupy and rename Bulange building the seat of the monarchy republic house. This renaming of Bulange the seat of the monarchy, republic house was a humiliating act that added salt to injury and the country has never recovered from such in order to forge ahead with nation building. Those in power should be sensitive and careful not to pursue political policies of political humiliation. They retard nation and state building.


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