Museveni Tactics To Maintain Power At All Costs

Many Criticize Him For Practicing Authoritarianism And Eroding Democratic Institutions, While Some Patronised Few Praise His Leadership For Stability And Development. The Assessment Of These Tactics Often Depends On One's Perspective And Political Beliefs

Uganda Today: Yoweri Museveni has employed various tactics to remain in power for an extended period of 38 years now. Some of these tactics include:

Museveni casting a gesture of a statesman by impromptly talking to citizens who beaconed him to talk to them at Nyenga Buikwe district on his way to Jinja where he addressed a gathering to celebrate his 38 years in power. Nyenga residents mojority of whom were children, told him that they are not going to school because their parents cant afford school tution. Museveni government, in 1997, introduced free education for pupils in government schools where government pays a paltry 0.8$ per pupil per term. This is so meagre to run a school, therefore headteachers are compeled to ask for more money from parents.

Political Maneuvering: Museveni has been adept at navigating the political landscape of Uganda. He has strategically formed alliances and coalitions when necessary, ensuring support from key political and military figures.

Electoral Strategies: Museveni has participated in multiple elections, and his party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), has often dominated the political scene. There have been allegations of electoral irregularities and manipulation in some instances, which critics argue have worked to his advantage.

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Constitutional Amendments: Museveni has faced criticism for altering the constitution to extend presidential term limits. In 2005, the constitution was amended to remove the two-term limit, allowing Museveni to run for a third term in 2006. In 2017 Museveni again tinkered with the constitution to remove the age limit cap. To this end he ordered the army to invade parliament and assault opposition MPs who had vowed to stop the passing of this ammendment on the floor. His tactic of the end justifies the means made him run in the 2021 elections which he manipulated to unprecedented level.

Museveni with NAM delegates at Kampala Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Control of the Military and Security Apparatus: Maintaining control over the military and security forces has been crucial for Museveni’s longevity in power. The military has played a significant role in his rise to power, and maintaining their loyalty has been a priority.

Suppression of Opposition: Critics argue that Museveni has stifled political opposition through various means, including the use of repressive laws, harassment of opposition leaders, and restrictions on freedom of expression.

Patronage Networks: Museveni has been known to establish and maintain patronage networks, distributing resources and favors to key individuals and groups to secure their support.

Economic Policies: The implementation of certain economic policies, including attracting foreign investment and promoting development, has earned Museveni support from those who credit him with bringing stability and economic growth to the country.

It’s important to note that opinions on Museveni’s tactics vary, with some praising his leadership for stability and development, while others criticize him for alleged authoritarianism and the erosion of democratic institutions. The assessment of these tactics often depends on one’s perspective and political beliefs


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