Mao-Museveni Cooperation Is An Augury To Both

On 20.07.2022, Museveni And Mao Signed A Cooperation Agreement.

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July 20, 2022 saw Museveni and Nobert Mao sign a memorandum of understanding purportedly binding two political parties, NRM and DP to cooperate on policy political governance in Uganda.

Political pundits on this matter weighed in with many of them pointing out the fundamental aspect of undermining the multi party democratic dispensation which Uganda purports to be practicing.

Nobert Mao, out of this agreement was a appointed to the ministry of Justice and constitutional Affairs    that over sees  all constitutional and policy formulation matters for the ruling party in power.

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Cabinet ministers among whom Nobert Mao will be after vetting by parliament, are enjoined to exercise collective responsibility on matters of policy and laws even if they are formulated to narrow the space of operation for opposition parties.

President Museveni’s 36 years government is so adept at formulating laws that are selectively enforced to curtail association, freedom of speech and expression, largely curtail human rights enjoyment and enhance subjugation of the opposition.

This is the very reason that president Museveni vowed to see to it that he should have done away with opposition by 2020, although he dismally failed to execute this mission.

That’s why the 42 point cooperation agreement is more of a nine days wonder for both unscrupulous individuals who put ink on paper for it’s existence.

It should be noted that there’s already IPOD forum, where the government in place is expected to interface with the opposition political parties.

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