Kagina Listen: Northern Bypass Wanting

A Lot Is Still Desired

Richard S Ssebagala

This is to Allen Kagina, Mrs. Allen Kagina, of Uganda National Roads Authority:

Allen (we’ve interacted informally in another life so let me extend the views here)

1. Fix the lane demarcating lines on the Northern Bypass. It is unacceptable that we have continued navigating unmarked roadways months after you opened the entire stretch to vehicular traffic.
2. It is inconceivable that such a busy thoroughfare was designed to have just those two-bit lights on it. 90% of it is unlit, including some exits/entrances. The money for the lighting must have been budgeted for. Please put them up.
3. Slower traffic must stay in the left lanes. Right lane for overtaking only. Switch on lights on rainy days. No Bodas on the overpasses. No pedestrians on the overpasses. Speed limit … You’re well traveled so you are aware of similar, warning/defensive driving, signage even in neighboring Kenya. Please get the relevant signage erected.
4. The existing informational signage needs some more common sense in placement. Try to find the exit into Kajjansi from Munyonyo on the Entebbe Expressway for instance. But you will see the one to Bweya. Hello?
5. We need those humble but idiot-proof road reflectors you see as you drive from Kigali Airport into the Rwanda capital city. You’ve seen them. I’ve checked, each costs roughly $30.00 (Ugx 110,000), less if you’re buying them in bulk. You have the budget, Allen. Please use it to buy and install the reflectors along the entire stretch of the bypass and Expressway.

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You’re a Gayaza alumni, Allen, and whatever a Gayaza alumni touches should live up to the highest standards possible. Completed 20 years after it was started, the 24km Northern Bypass still has gaps that embarrass you, me, Gayaza High School, UNRA and Uganda at large.

Meet and exceed our expectations, Allen. If you want, I will drive the entire route with your people to support the operation with my driver’s common sense.

Meet and exceed our expectations.


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Chris Kato

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