Atheism And Theism Are The Same

They Are Both Concepts Conserning Nature's Manipulation.

Prior to the advent of Christianity and Islamic faiths, from Europe and the Arab world respectively, that spread like raging fire, the rest of the world believed in different Gods, with people from the orient believing that humanity evolved from supermatozoan atoms.

A picture portraying how the whites grabbed land in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, using all savage means at their disposal including but not limited to strangling natives.

Africa in particular, where 90% of the people were convinced to discard whorsping their Gods to worshipping one deity, while propagating the doctrine of forgiveness and repentance, the whites exploited Africans through enslavement, land grabbing and forced labour.

By the time Africans woke up, land, human resource and minerals, had been taken over and were being effectively controlled by the aliens.

Ayella Amuru scrutinises the difference between atheists and theists.

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Beginning atheists after listening to a few clips of Harris, Hitchens, Dawkins and Dennett believe they have supreme knowledge. They intellectualize everything and always arguing with theists. They always talk with a lot of intellectual pride. Now, from my understanding, there is no difference between Atheists and Theists. How does one become a theist? —through the theistic knowledge that they have acquired and how does one become an atheist? —through acquiring knowledge that contradicts theism. We also have a confused group who identify as agnostics. At the end of the day, you are all human beings trying to intellectualize the universe, the universe is beyond human beings—the Universe was here before humans and, it is beyond all knowledge concepts.

Atheists, theists and agnostics are all consumed with fear of living life. We usually cling to concepts that give us comfort, wherever you belong is because it is comfortable to you and makes your life easy. Theists are comfortable with their God, atheists are comfortable with no God, and agnostics are comfortable with being neither for God nor against God.

All Knowledge however deep or extensive is limited and rooted in concepts not facts—there is no complete knowledge on anything not even the knowledge we have about water is complete, all knowledge is incomplete. When you find atheists arguing with theists, they are arguing concepts. If they knew the truth, there would be no need for debates/arguments.

To come out and strongly identify, as atheist, theist, or agnostic is intellectual suicide—you are locking yourself in a very tiny intellectual box. Take time and observe life/nature, life/nature is not an intellectual concept.

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