Stella Nyanzi Courts Controversy: Martyrs Were Traitors

Says The So Called Martyrs Were Traitors

Former Makerere University lecturer Stella Nyanzi characteristically famous for courting controversy under most circumstances, has come out today 03.06.2022, to unequivocally state that the celebrated martyrs aren’t martyrs but traitors of our times.

Stella Nyanzi Says

As a Muganda committed to the thankless project of decolonisation, I celebrate Kabaka Mwanga on this national public holiday marked as Martyrs’ Day in Uganda. Those so-called martyrs were traitors who betrayed our Kabaka when they yielded to Christianisation and colonisation. Hate me or love me, I refuse to partake of your colonial celebrations of sell-outs who betrayed Buganda, our king and our norms.


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