Buganda’s Wankulukuku Initiated Stadium

Sir Daudi Chwa Was The Pioneer FUFA President

Just as everything thing to spread to the rest of the present day country known as Uganda originated from Buganda, so was the most loved sport soccer.

How Wankulukuku Stadium came into being.

●The stadium owes its origin to the political problems that existed between the central government and the Buganda Kingdom in 1959
Muteesa II Memorial Stadium in Wankulukuku is a multi-purpose facility and one of the oldest in Kampala.
Then, the British colonial administrators were in charge of the central government. It all started when  Buganda Kingdom wanted to use Nakivubo Stadium for the Kabaka’s birthday celebrations on November 19, 1959 but the central government also had another function at the same venue that day and in the end, officials of either side failed to reach a common position. So, Joly Joe Kiwanuka decided to mobilize people in Buganda to identify an area where where the Kabaka would celebrate his birthday
●Jolly Joe bought materials to put in place a structure where the birthday would be held. Kiwanuka mobilized football lovers for the matches. He bought iron sheets that were used to fence the pitch that had been secured at wankulukuku for the celebrations.
● At the end of the birthday celebrations, Kabaka Muteesa II hailed Kiwanuka for the work to have the celebrations held. The Kabaka decided that 100 acres be used to build a Stadium at Wankulukuku
So after Kabaka’s move, officials in charge of sports in Buganda Kingdom, sent an engineer to Europe and the engineer’s task was to consult his hosts so as to come up with the best plan for the stadium.
After receiving the plan, the Buganda Kingdom officials agreed to have construction work start.
●Some quarters say, during Dr.Milton Obote’s regime, some properties in Buganda were nationalised and put under the control of KCC and the stadium was one of the properties but in 1967 but I realised it was under the care of Polycarp Kakooza who was not an employee of KCC, possibly he was from the National Council of Sports.
● Encroachment on the facility land: where is the 100 acres today? As of 1967 the land was still there and it was a stretch from defunct Sembule company to where the stadium is situated.

The development of of Uganda’s football started from the palace of Kabaka Daudi Chwa who assumed and took the Pioneer role of FUFA President.

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It’s therefore no wonder that his son and later the heir of the throne Sir Edward Muteesa was a player in the national team.

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